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Report Absence
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Attendance and Safe Arrival

       Each student enrolled in our school is expected to attend regularly, be punctual and participate in all classes.

        For the protection and welfare of all of the children, parents are asked to notify the school on the safe arrival line (613-389-0656) if their child is going to be late or absent.  Please leave a message on the answering machine before 8:50 am or 1:40 pm identifying the caller, the child and the reason and the length of time for the absence.  The classroom teachers will take attendance at 8:50 am and 1:40 pm and will notify the office of the absence of any students for whom they have not received prior notification.  The secretary will compare this information with the phone calls that have been received by the office.  For any students who are unaccounted for, the secretary will attempt to contact  the parents.

        All latecomers must report to the office upon arrival and sign in.

       When a parent is picking up a child during the school day, the parent must report to the office and sign out his/her child.  The student will be called to the office to meet the parent.  If the child returns during the school day he/she must sign in at the office. Students shall leave the school only with a parent unless communication from the parent  indicates otherwise.  All notes presented by students must be sent to the office and be signed by the principal or secretary before the teacher excuses the student.  

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