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Policies & Procedures
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To ensure everyone’s safety, Amherstview Public School is a nut aware school - that includes all tree and ground nuts. Please do not send your child with any products that contain peanuts or tree nuts, or any other kind of nuts as we have students with severe, life-threatening allergic reactions that may be triggered by coming into contact with any oil from these products.

We have students with allergies to different foods in many of our classes.  Please check with the classroom teacher before bringing food for special events or celebrations.  

Food products are not allowed on the school yard.

Scent Aware
Some of our students/staff have allergies to scented products, eg. perfumes/colognes. Use of these products should be avoided.

Attendance and Safe Arrival
Each student enrolled in our school is expected to attend regularly, be punctual and participate in all classes. For the protection and welfare of all of the children, parents are asked to notify the school on the safe arrival line (613-389-0656) if their child is going to be late or absent.  Please leave a message on the answering machine before 8:50 am or 12:55 pm identifying the caller, the child and the reason and the length of time for the absence.  The classroom teachers take attendance morning and afternoon and notify the office of the absence of any students for whom they have not received prior notification.  The secretary will compare this information with the phone calls that have been received by the office.  For any students who are unaccounted for, the secretary will attempt to contact the parents.
All latecomers must report to the office upon arrival and sign in.
When a parent is picking up a child during the school day, the parent must report to the office and sign out his/her child.  The student will be called to the office to meet the parent.  If the child returns during the school day he/she must sign in at the office. Students shall leave the school only with a parent unless communication from the parent  indicates otherwise.  All notes presented by students must be sent to the office and be signed by the principal or secretary before the teacher excuses the student.
Amherstview’s School Day:

8:50 a.m.       Entry bell
10:30 - 11:15   First Nutrition Break & Recess
12:55 - 1:40    Second Nutrition Break & Recess
3:20 p.m.       Dismissal

Bus Safety

Safety rules and expectations for proper behaviour are in effect on the school bus.
Students should:
remain seated, keeping the aisles clear

avoid loud talk or distracting noises

refrain from throwing objects in or from the bus
not damage or deface the bus in any way
respect the safety of others
refrain from swearing or the use of inappropriate language
refrain from eating or drinking on the bus

Failure to abide by these rules will result in an appropriate consequence. It is important for your child to know the name of the bus company, route number and driver’s name to ensure they load the correct bus at dismissal and in case of bus cancellation.
Periodically a student requests permission to ride on a bus with another student.  A note from a parent authorizing this request is mandatory. This note should be brought to the office and the principal or secretary will issue a bus pass to be presented to the bus driver.
School Dress Code Policy
Research has shown that the way a person dresses reflects on how they will act or feel about themselves. At our school we are committed to a safe and orderly environment. We believe in fostering student maturity and responsible decision making. Students are encouraged to dress for success and to come to school ready to learn. This dress code has been prepared in consultation with parents, students and teachers.

Students should:
wear clothing/jewelry that does not contain pictures, emblems, symbols, slogans promoting the image of substances which, if used by a minor, would be harmful and illegal
wear clothing that does not compromise modesty such as short shorts (shorter than mid-thigh), halter tops, mesh tops, spaghetti/string tops, clothing that exposes mid body areas, clothing that exposes undergarments, sheer or revealing garments
wear clothing that does not discriminate through pictures or slogans against gender, race, ethnic or cultural groups

wear clothing that does not convey vulgar or sexually offensive language and is not reflective of violent or anti-social culture
wear clothing or footwear which ensures health and safety
wear proper indoor footwear during gym classes and in the classroom
be prepared to take advantage of our school’s outdoor breaks by having proper outdoor wear available. On such occasions when heavy rain occurs or when the temperature falls too low, students will remain indoors. Wind chill shall be one of the factors concerning the latter
not wear hats inside the school building
not wear heavy or sharp jewelry that will pose a personal safety hazard to the student or to other students.
Care of Personal Property
We ask each student to take care of his/her personal belongings. Money and valuables should not be left in the classroom, change room or cubby. The Lost and Found Boxes are located in a few areas around the school and periodically all lost articles are placed on display. Please check or encourage your child to check for missing apparel. After being displayed in the hallway for an appropriate number of days, the clothing, etc. is donated to the Sharing Centre. We urge you to label clothing, especially outerwear.

School Yard Safety: keep your feet on the ground, keep your hands and feet to yourself, and be respectful.
Students are to walk their bicycles on school property. All bicycles should be secured in the bike racks. Skateboards, Rollerblades, Wheelie Shoes and Scooters are not permitted on school property.
Playground Equipment is to be enjoyed but must be used in a safe manner. Children using the slide must line up and slide down one at a time on their seat. The climber is to be used by the students for safe climbing.
Nerf balls, tennis balls, basketballs, volleyballs and soccer balls are acceptable for play. No hardballs. The throwing of objects such as snowballs, stones and sticks is not acceptable.

Use of Electronic Devices by Students
Cellphones, iPods, portable gaming devices and  similar types of communication devices carried by students, are not to be used or displayed during school hours while on school property. Phones are available to use at the office during the school day if needed.
The taking of photographic images of a person or persons, on school property, at school events, and during school activities, is prohibited without the permission of the person being photographed, the permission of their parent or guardian if the person is under 18 years of age, and the principal.
Medication For Students
The Limestone District School Board has a detailed policy concerning the administering of prescription drugs to students during school hours.  Parents should be aware that:
common medications such as aspirin are not supplied to students by the school
all medication must be kept at the office with the exception of epipens for emergency use
if in the opinion of your doctor, your child may require medication during the school day, a prescription label or note from the doctor will be required
a permission form for the dispensing of medication, signed by the parents, is to be kept on file in the school office
a small amount of prescribed medication will be kept at the school
a record of administration shall be maintained in the school office.

Provision of School Materials
Supplies are provided by the school for student use, and these materials are to be cared for in such a way as to maximize their useful life. Where materials are lost, damaged or defaced the student may be asked to reimburse the school for the cost of replacement. The school does provide a limited number of pens, pencils and erasers. It is appreciated if parents can provide a pencil case, markers, pencil crayons, a glue stick, etc. for their child’s use.

Physical Education
All students should have non-marking running shoes available for physical education classes.  These shoes must be kept for indoor use only.  Shorts or sweat pants, socks and a short sleeve shirt are required. Change rooms are available for use by students in grades 4 to 8 subject to teacher direction.
Students who occasionally are unable to take part in a physical education class should have a note from a parent. For prolonged periods of non-participation for medical reasons, a doctor’s certificate is required.

Reporting Student Achievement
There will be three reporting times during the school year for students, the first of which is a progress report, followed by two term report cards. It is expected that a parent-teacher conference will be held during the fall term and at any other time that either the parent or teacher requests one.

Dogs on school premises are a concern with regard to the health and safety of our students and staff.  For situations where a parent brings a dog when walking a child to school or picking the child up at dismissal time, the dog is expected to be on a leash. The dog should be kept a safe distance from the entrance ways of the school, and best at the edge of the property.

The School Milk Program will continue at Amherstview Public School this year. White and chocolate milk are available to students at lunch time at a cost of 75 cents each. Ordering details will be communicated to parents at the beginning of the school year.
Student Accident Insurance
The Limestone District School Board has adopted a practice whereby all parents whose children participate in school sponsored athletics are required to provide proof of student accident insurance coverage for their children. Board sponsored student accident insurance information is sent home at the beginning of the year. Parents wishing to enroll their child may subscribe.

Photographs are taken each year of individuals and classes. Parents have the opportunity to purchase any of these pictures.
Parent and community volunteers play an essential role in our school community. It is with pride and appreciation that we not only welcome, but solicit, your participation in our school. Volunteers bring a wide range of talents and skills to school life that enrich and support both students and staff. For further information, please contact the school. Volunteers are asked to sign in and out at the office and wear a visitor badge. We welcome calls from Seniors, Moms and Dads and all members of the community. All volunteers must follow the screening process in accordance with Board Policy, and are required to complete a CPIC form which is available at the school office and is valid for a period of three years.  In interim years, volunteers are asked to sign an annual offence declaration form that may be requested at the office. Volunteers are encouraged to complete their CPIC application forms or annual offence declaration form early in the school year, as there may be a waiting period involved with the processing and approval.

Special Lunch Days are offered to students some Fridays. Please check our monthly calendars for the days our lunches are held and due dates for orders and payment.

The School Newsletter is sent home monthly with the youngest family member who is at school. The newsletter is intended to help keep your family informed about upcoming events and reports on special school happenings as well as to provide you with information about the operation of the school.

A Classroom Newsletter is sent home monthly with your child. The newsletter is intended to inform you of the activities and events that your child’s class has participated in and to prepare you for the upcoming learning required for the following month.

Drop Off and Pick Up
Parents who drop their children off at school in the morning should be aware that yard supervision begins at 8:35 a.m.

Parents who pick up their children at the end of the school day (3:20) are asked to wait outside or in Parent Place. Please do not wait outside your child’s classroom door as the hallway becomes unsafe due to crowding.                    

Our School Advisory Council
Our School Advisory Council is made up of a majority of parents along with school staff and members of the community who meet monthly to provide an avenue of communication between the school and the community. There is an executive elected by the parent community.

Meetings are scheduled in the staff room and all interested parents are encouraged to attend. The School Council works in partnership with parents, students and school staff to provide a positive learning environment for the benefit of all.

An election will be held early in the fall for our 2013-2014 Council. If you are interested in a position, please watch for a form to indicate your interest coming home in the fall.

Emergency Forms need to be updated each year for each child.  Often this seems like a duplication of the previous year’s information but, for a variety of reasons, changes in information occur over the course of a year. If parents have forgotten to notify us then we have no other way to update our records. If an emergency should occur the staff will have accurate up-to-date information.
If at any time through the school year this information changes, please notify us promptly. Your assistance with the completion and return of these forms is appreciated.

Safe Schools ... Building Positive Places to Grow and Learn Together. What You Need to Know...

All schools have established procedures for Shelter in Place, Hold & Secure, Lockdown, and Evacuation. Staff and students will be trained in how to implement the procedures.

Threats to School Safety

In order to facilitate common understanding among all community partners, school boards across Ontario, police services, Emergency Medical Services, and fire safety officials are using the following terminology:

Shelter in Place - used for an environmental or weather-related situation where it is necessary to keep all occupants within the school (protecting them from an external situation). Examples: chemical spills, blackouts, explosions or extreme weather.

Hold and Secure - used when it is desirable to secure the school due to an ongoing situation outside but not related to the school. Example: Bank robbery occurring near a school but not on property. School functions normally with exterior doors locked until the situation is resolved.

Lockdown - used only when there is a major incident or threat of school violence within the school. Overuse or misuse of this high level might result in not taking the lockdown seriously, so please note that two lockdown drills for each school year will occur.

Evacuation - used in the event that students and staff must leave a school building due to some environmental concern in the school. Example: gas leak in the school or fire.

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